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Cracker Time!

🛒 There is an endless stream of crackers and crispbreads at the supermarket, so how do you choose? :: 👉🏻 Look for wholegrain products first as they are more likely to have a higher fibre content plus a lower glyceamic index and will therefore be more filling :: 👉🏻 Some crackers are made with butter or lots of oils and are therefore high in saturated fats. Choose crackers with less that 2.5-3.0g of saturated fats per 100g. ⚠️ Grainy crackers will be higher in total fat due to the good, healthy fats in the seeds/grains..... don’t confuse these with saturated fats! :: 👉🏻 Be wary of salt content, choose crackers with ideally less than 120mg of sodium per 100g :: 💡 Top with a protein (ham, hummus, tuna, egg etc) and a fibre source (cucumber, tomato, avocado etc) to further decrease the glycemic index and slow digestion. This will result in sustained energy levels and a longer lasting feeling of fullness 💥

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