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It's all about the small changes!

👉🏻Patience is key


▫️Making small changes to your current dietary intake leads to a greater likelihood of sustainable weight loss than adopting a severe diet that doesn’t fit into your lifestyle


▫️Many ‘diets’ involve unusual and/or expensive foods, complicated recipes, a scheduling of foods that is hard to fit into daily life etc. Often these changes are hard to maintain


▫️This example reduces daily kJ intake by 3500kJ by simply reducing portion size and switching a few foods for simple alternatives


▫️If you reduce your daily kJ intake by approximately 2200kJ per day a weight loss of half a kilo per week can be achieved


▫️The revised diet also provides more fibre and protein, both which keep you feeling satisfied for longer and reduce the risk of snacking........ they are healthier too!


▫️ For assistance with weight loss see an Accredited Practising Dietitian, our sole purpose is to help you reach your health goals...... not to sell you products 💰

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