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Ketogenic Diet Challenge

▫️A recent client was determined to use the ketogenic diet to maintain lean body mass and decrease body fat % ▫️Although the ketogenic diet operates on the same foundation as any other diet, calorie deficit = weight loss, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence regarding its high satiety factor, therefore reducing hunger levels ▫️The low % of carbohydrates on the ketogenic diet results in a low intake of vegetables and fruits, however with careful planning they can be included! ▫️Due to a misunderstanding about a process called gluconeogenesis, traditional ketogenic diets recommend 70-80% of energy comes from fat, 20-25% from protein and 5-10% from carbs, however this does not provide your body with enough protein ▫️Studies have shown that having more protein in your diet does not take you out of ketosis and protein is very necessary for muscle maintenance, making enzymes, creating hormones etc ▫️The ketogenic diet can be expensive plus it does result in a reduction of whole foods in the diet such as fresh fruit and vegetables, grains and legumes. It is quite likely that a ketogenic diet can become low in certain nutrients and fibre. ▫️The ketogenic diet does not have to be all about butter, fatty cuts of meat and cheese! If you really want to try the ketogenic diet, consult an accredited practising dietitian to assist you to get the balance in your diet required for a health ⚖️ .

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