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Legumes - a true 'Super food'

Legumes are plants that bear fruit that grow in pods :: ▫️Legumes can be broken down into different subsections including: beans, lentils, peas and peanuts :: ▫️Legumes are one of the main food types included in a typical Mediterranean diet, which tends to be high in fruit, vegetables, legumes and fish, with olive oil as the main source of fat :: ▫️Legumes are high in dietary fibre which helps keep our bowels healthy, the soluble fibre in legumes can also help lower blood cholesterol :: ▫️Legumes are also high in protein this making them an ideal substitute for meat with the added bonus of being cheap to buy plus easy to use when bought in the canned form :: ▫️Legumes are also a source of carbohydrate that has a low glycaemic index (GI), therefore a good food for the prevention and management of type 2 diabetes :: ▫️Additional bonuses of legumes include: a good source of folate, a good source of antioxidants, plus high in B-group vitamins, iron, calcium, zinc and magnesium :: ▫️Finally 😅, legumes are low in saturated fat :: ▫️Legumes are definitely my superfood 🙌🏻 :: ▫️For some recipe ideas visit the Grains and Legumes Nutrition Council at: www.glnc.org.au

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