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So, let's sum up this difficult chapter.

1. Often on the way from a dream to a deal, you can forget about the real purpose of the purchase. So always go back to the written plan. Again and again ask yourself the questions in this chapter

2. The goals of each participant in the transaction satisfy his personal needs. Feel free to talk openly about this with each other. Hidden motives take the deal down the wrong path.

3. The sources of financing of the transaction are signed on paper.

4. If you are looking for a mortgage, consider different options.

Chapter 22 We compare the pros and cons.

Buyers of new buildings explain their choice with certain advantages:

- the possibility of obtaining a discount from the developer;

- a new apartment (no one lived in it);

- good layouts;

- good neighbors (not grandmothers);

– the ability to make the layout of the apartment according to your needs;

- a new entrance;

- lower price (why this is not so - read on).


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