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A Tailored Meal Plan is a highly personalised 7-day plan that includes all meals and snacks to support the dietary changes, recommended by your dietitian, to assist you in achieving your health goals.

Your health goals may include: weight loss or gain, muscle growth, optimising gut health, to follow a plant-based diet, a nutritionally adequate diet, nutritional management of chronic disease, to support exercise/training etc.


​No two plans are the same!​​

A Tailored Meal Plan takes into account:​

 - Your current health and medications

 - Your food allergies and intolerances

 - Your dietary preferences

 - Your food likes & dislikes

 - Your cooking skills

 - The time you have available

 - Your budget


For the meal plan to be tailored specifically to you, an initial consultation is required. This can be an online appointment if preferred . The 7-day meal plan is then developed based on the information provided and will be ready for you within one week.                                                 

The total price of the meal plan is the cost of the initial consultation plus an additional $90.00.

To have a tailored meal plan developed, simply book an initial consultation.

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Meal plan website image.png

1. Send us two weeks of your tracked diet, conveniently through the Easy Diet Diary app. 

2. Our dietitians analyse your overall nutritional intake through our software. 

3. We provide you with a thorough snapshot of your nutritional status. 

  • what you are over-consuming 

  • what you are lacking 

  • everything from macronutrients to vitamins and minerals 

4. We provide advice on how your nutritional status can improve!

  • how to optimise your gut diversity and health

  • how to reach daily macro and micronutrient goals 

  • how to create a nutritionally adequate diet 

You can purchase a nutritional analysis of your diet for $100.00 using the link below. We will be in touch with instructions and a link to the app. 

An initial consultation is not required.

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